Destiny And Ambitions

When created, Characters start with Three Ambitions and one Heroic Destiny.


Ambitions are relatively short-term, specific goals a character is driven to accomplish. These must be very specific and not vague, stating not only the goal, but the steps required to accomplish it.

For example, “Become famous” is a bad Ambition. “Earn renown by slaying the fell Hellfrost Dragon Nidhogg who terrorizes the Thunor Peaks” is a very good ambition. Ambitions should be the kind of thing a whole adventure or possibly a story arc, can hang off of.

Ambitions can be tied to Boasts to gain a bonus on all rolls to accomplish them.

When completed, you earn 1 XP on the spot. You then select a new Ambition to take it’s place.

Heroic Destiny

Heroic Destiny is what you envision the character’s larger story being about. Like Ambitions, a Destiny should be specific, but it’s a long-term goal. This is what you envision as being the “end game” for your character, the big final conflict that win or lose will likely bring their story to a close. It’s the central conflict that your character’s story is ultimately (probably) going to be about.

When taking actions that push you towards your destiny over the course of a session, you will receive a Glory Bonus.

No Plan Survives Contact With Play

You may abandon an Ambition at any time. The only rule is that you must always have three Ambitions, so if you abandon one, you must gain another. If you also made a Boast about an Abandoned Ambition, you also receive the penalty for failing a Boast.

Some times your character’s major life goal changes. Maybe they realize they don’t really WANT to be king after all, or that the princess they thought they wanted to win the hand of isn’t actually their true love. Every time you achieve a new rank, you have the option to change your Heroic Destiny without penalty. This should be accompanied by some introspective roleplaying, either in game or through a character journal published on the site.

Destiny And Ambitions

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