Game Restarted 2/13/14

Season 3: There's No Hel Like Home

In the first session:

  • The first day, Mage Lady Orphelia spends time re-familiarizing herself with her town and court. The following day, she begins governing over disputes, fairly, from her outdoor pavilion.
  • While the town celebrates, a Lich breaks the merrymaking with an ultimatum, "Give the town to the worhip of Hela, or all will die.
  • While her Captains plan for their defense, Her Arcane Highness considers what she has been missing and lost. She makes a deal with the Lich for the soul for Talan Marfell for her, and her town’s complete compliance.

*After wiping out the temple of Maera, and murdering the current Priestess, she built a temple to the Great Necromancer where the new High Priestess has begun her rule by renaming “Courthaven”, “Helcourt”.

*The town was surrounded with inescapable palisades, where inside the walking corpses of those who would not give in to the new ways.

*God cursed, and all companions but the terrified Helene Ransome leaving her, the two travel to the capitol to find a sufficient slave to transfer her former Seneshall’s mind into.


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