Ssn3: One Prince and One Kiss

  • The party was growing restless in Prince Bremen’s camp.

*Her Arcane Highness was placed in the room directly next to her betrothed with eyes on her at all times, and Emerich was separated into his servant population.

*When it came time for court, Banneret Ap-Swain led her in to legitimize her and make introductions. Before everyone settled down, he re-introduced her to Mage-Prince Bremen, and asked she be reinstated as a Noble so they could be married. He asked as though he didn’t remember her, and agreed so long as she swear fielty and he murder his wife… to avoid the scandal of divorce.

*Meanwhile, Emerich watched and listened carefully as he served the room unnoticed.

*Once seated, Ap Swain filled her in on the latest :

  • The Magocracy wanted to declare war on the Elves in the Angarian forest of the south, but the King needed convincing. However, Mage-Prince Bremen has “seen to it” this time.
    *Further, the King’s son, who all had expected to take the throne, had fallen ill will a palsy and coughing fits, which all witnessed during court.

*During the session, an Elven man was brought out as proof for war. He was in chains with a bag over his head. Bremen said he was “caught scouting”. Once the bag came off his head, his entire, calm, demeanor, changed. He confessed, frantically, that he was sent by The White King to find their weakness. His face went blank again as the hood returned.

*Concerned for the Prince, the Mage-Lady went to speak to Count Caranel, a good friend and guardian of the ill Monarch.

(more to come)


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