Ssn 3: In Bed With the Enemy

*Once in the Capitol, Her Arcane Highness bought a most attractive slave, who looked nothing like Talan. From the beginning, she began to doubt her plan as the former smuggler grew on her.

*An obedient, yet thoughtful man, the Mage-Lady became determined to find out was inside the head of one who feared Mages so much, and make it right..

*The group ducked into a small hotel so she could be made up and better hide, but just around the corner she physically ran into her former suitor, Mage-Lord Swain Fensome.

*At his threat of being thrown to his best friend of Mage-Prince Bremen, she kissed him, cried, and swore she’d only come to tell him what a mistake she’d made – she loved him so.

  • She was re-welcomed into the court, after pledging allegiance to Mage-Prince Bremen, who didn’t remember her, and wedding plans are taking place. There’s just the small business of Mage Lord Swain murdering his current wife…

*Meanwhile, he gloats as usual of the Magocracay’s superiority, and his sport of hunting peasants.

*He has given her leave to tour the Magocracy while the wedding is prepared, and plans to use the time to escape once again…


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