How to Build a Partnership


Ssn 3: Leaving It All Behind


Ssn3: One Prince and One Kiss
  • The party was growing restless in Prince Bremen’s camp.

*Her Arcane Highness was placed in the room directly next to her betrothed with eyes on her at all times, and Emerich was separated into his servant population.

*When it came time for court, Banneret Ap-Swain led her in to legitimize her and make introductions. Before everyone settled down, he re-introduced her to Mage-Prince Bremen, and asked she be reinstated as a Noble so they could be married. He asked as though he didn’t remember her, and agreed so long as she swear fielty and he murder his wife… to avoid the scandal of divorce.

*Meanwhile, Emerich watched and listened carefully as he served the room unnoticed.

*Once seated, Ap Swain filled her in on the latest :

  • The Magocracy wanted to declare war on the Elves in the Angarian forest of the south, but the King needed convincing. However, Mage-Prince Bremen has “seen to it” this time.
    *Further, the King’s son, who all had expected to take the throne, had fallen ill will a palsy and coughing fits, which all witnessed during court.

*During the session, an Elven man was brought out as proof for war. He was in chains with a bag over his head. Bremen said he was “caught scouting”. Once the bag came off his head, his entire, calm, demeanor, changed. He confessed, frantically, that he was sent by The White King to find their weakness. His face went blank again as the hood returned.

*Concerned for the Prince, the Mage-Lady went to speak to Count Caranel, a good friend and guardian of the ill Monarch.

(more to come)

Ssn 3: In Bed With the Enemy
*Once in the Capitol, Her Arcane Highness bought a most attractive slave, who looked nothing like Talan. From the beginning, she began to doubt her plan as the former smuggler grew on her.

*An obedient, yet thoughtful man, the Mage-Lady became determined to find out was inside the head of one who feared Mages so much, and make it right..

*The group ducked into a small hotel so she could be made up and better hide, but just around the corner she physically ran into her former suitor, Mage-Lord Swain Fensome.

*At his threat of being thrown to his best friend of Mage-Prince Bremen, she kissed him, cried, and swore she’d only come to tell him what a mistake she’d made – she loved him so.

  • She was re-welcomed into the court, after pledging allegiance to Mage-Prince Bremen, who didn’t remember her, and wedding plans are taking place. There’s just the small business of Mage Lord Swain murdering his current wife…

*Meanwhile, he gloats as usual of the Magocracay’s superiority, and his sport of hunting peasants.

*He has given her leave to tour the Magocracy while the wedding is prepared, and plans to use the time to escape once again…

Game Restarted 2/13/14
Season 3: There's No Hel Like Home

In the first session:

  • The first day, Mage Lady Orphelia spends time re-familiarizing herself with her town and court. The following day, she begins governing over disputes, fairly, from her outdoor pavilion.
  • While the town celebrates, a Lich breaks the merrymaking with an ultimatum, "Give the town to the worhip of Hela, or all will die.
  • While her Captains plan for their defense, Her Arcane Highness considers what she has been missing and lost. She makes a deal with the Lich for the soul for Talan Marfell for her, and her town’s complete compliance.

*After wiping out the temple of Maera, and murdering the current Priestess, she built a temple to the Great Necromancer where the new High Priestess has begun her rule by renaming “Courthaven”, “Helcourt”.

*The town was surrounded with inescapable palisades, where inside the walking corpses of those who would not give in to the new ways.

*God cursed, and all companions but the terrified Helene Ransome leaving her, the two travel to the capitol to find a sufficient slave to transfer her former Seneshall’s mind into.

The Great Library Arc Complete!

New in Mage-Lady Orphelia’s journal, “The Road to Hel”: “Through the Looking Glass

What lies within the Great Library of the Sorcerer Kings?

Coming next:
Her Arcane Highness’ dealings with the Unseelie in…

Favors For The Fey &
The Silver Path of Alvalon


Snowblade's Journal Updated


This is a post that takes place on the return journey from the Great Library. Note that Orphelia’s journal isn’t complete from that time, BUT this is more of an interlude than an actual accounting of events. It’s set in that time period, but it’s a remembrance of another.

It’s called “On the Trail: The Workshop” in the “Experiencing Everything: The World According to Snowblade” forum. She’ll have actual journal posts in the future, and posts like these when she and the Mage-Lady are separated.

Coming soon in Her Arcane Highness’ Journal:
“Through the Looking Glass” and
“Favors For the Fey”


Third in a Row is Up!

Finally, I’m caught up!

Mage-Lady Orphelia, Count Froech the Learned, and Snowblade are well into their search for the Great Library of the Sorcerer Kings in “In the Arms of Maera”.

The next entry will be current, based on our next session.


Yet Another Journal Entry is Up!

The continuation of the Great Library of the Sorcerer Kings, up next is The Path into the Past
as Her Arcane Highness and entourage complete their journey to the lost city of the Hegili.

Next up:
In the Shadow of Maera
It’s a short one, so hopefully I’ll have it soon. Then I’ll be caught up until next session.


New Journal Entry!

Mage-Lady Orphelia is underway to the Great Library of the Sorcerer Kings in
Life, Love, and the Lady of Decay

This post introduces the new PC, Snowblade, whose personal journals will spin-off from her Arcane Highness’ in the future.

Coming soon:
Moments to Paraxus
In Maera’s Shadow and
-This Week’s Session