Her Arcane Highness' Personal Guard


Patron God: Rigr


Daeg was one of five guards Captain Einar of Aslov dedicated to Mage-Lady Orphelia and her mission to Crase. Once they arrived at the overridden city, however, he and his fellows found themselves under the command of Hauld Austri Giantsbane of the legendary Thirteen. It was only when He, Joonas, and Bruni heard the sound of Ripxian’s signal arrow did they come to their aid and come again to be in their service.

At first, the three fell under the command of Ripxian, but Daeg and Joonas began to speak about the Noble Mage and propriety. Joonas seemed a bit more eager to far behind and protect her, but Daeg did feel more and more the pull of Nobility. Bruni, the Saxa, seemed pretty happy where he was.

Things remained the same until Her Arcane Highness’ capable followers fell; Joonas could wait no longer and it seemed the time for both of them to do the right thing and guard the Mage-Lady.

RP Notes: Elliot


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