Donnchadh The Reckless MacFergal


Donnchadh’s family tree

1.) Basic Information: What is your character’s name, race, and age? What does your character look like?

A1) Donnchadh “The Reckless” MacFergal, Tuomi, 27 years old. He is 5’7". He has shoulder-blade length blonde hair that is so dirty it looks like its brown or black. He has no facial hair, a shaving scar on his right cheek, brown eyes, and a wide mouth. His hands are well-callused, and he has a smattering of scars on his arms.

2.) Does your character have any recurring mannerisms, sayings, or catchphrases unique to them?

A2) When daydreaming of fighting people, his upper lip does a sneer thing. When given the chance to act on those desires, it turns into a one sided smile. (I can demonstrate it in person).
“I am Donnchadh The Reckless, son of Cormac The Invincible, son of Ruadhán The Bloody-Handed, of the clan MacFergal.”
“On the blood of my father, on the blood of my sons, this will be done.”

3.) Profession: What is your character’s defining skill or ability? Who was the mentor that taught them that skill? Are they alive or dead? How does your character feel about them now?

A3) General Combat ability. His Uncle, Dùghlas “The Eager” MacFergal. Alive. Donnchadh misses Dùghlas a lot. He has fond memories of Dùghlas, and Dùghlas is a father figure to Donnchadh.

4.) Family: Who are their parents and siblings (names, professions) and are they alive or dead? If alive, where do they live and what do they think of your current path in life? How does your character feel about them? What are they like?

A4) Father: Cormac The Invincible. Mother: Seònaid The Frenzied. Sister: Eilidh The Sly. Brother: Donaidh The Banshee. They were all warriors in the service of a Great Clan. They are all dead except his sister Eilidh. Eilidh lives with the Tuomi people, and is disappointed in Donnchadh, but hopeful for his future. Donnchadh looks up to Eilidh quite a bit, but is also slightly intimidated by her. He finds her to be a little scary. Cormac boasted of his invincibility on the eve of his second battle, and died in opening blows of that battle. Seònaid went berserk upon his death, and tore a path through the opposing army until blood loss finally put her down. Donaidh made his name with his piercing warcry, and was silenced in battle. Eilidh fights with her brain as well as body, and ultimately gained a decent, but not great, reputation.

5.) How would your Hero’s parents describe him/her?

A5) Donnchadh cried a lot, I guess. He was a baby when they died.

6.) What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

A6) Strength: His endurance and perpetual optimism. He always believes that both his friends and himself will get what they want, so long as they keep at it.
Weakness: Donnchadh tends to make things more difficult for himself by believing that many problems need to be solved with violence. When violence is your only hammer, everything starts to look a nail.

7.) Religion: Does your character have a Patron god? Which one is it? Why does your character revere that god? How devout is your character?

A7) Donnchadh worships Tiw, due in large part because Tiw is the Patron god of the MacFergal clan. He doesn’t bother much with prayers, preferring to show devotion through action. The only sin he is likely to willingly commit is mercy for an inferior foe, and that only because he hopes the foe will grow stronger and become an adversary worth fighting and killing.

8.) Home: Where is your character from? Where have they been spending their time before becoming an adventurer?

A8) Donnchadh is from the Tuomi. He spent his time with his people until late 498.

9.) What are your Hero’s most favorite things? Least favorite?

A9) He likes fighting (not necessarily to the death) and its implements, campfires, and singing loudly and off-key. He dislikes alcohol, children, and funerals. He is uncomfortable around healers.

10.) What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?

A10) More than anything, he fears people knowing him as a coward. His second greatest fear is being captured alive. His third is being maimed to the point that he can’t fight anymore.

11.) Does your Hero have any prejudices?

A11) He believes the Tuomi to be better than any other culture or race. After that, he respects the Saxa and their traditions quite a bit, but the rest of the world he writes off as being largely not worth his time. Sure, some individuals may be worthy friends or foes, but in general they can’t compare to the Saxa, let alone the Tuomi.

12.) The Call to Adventure: Something happened recently to your character to make them want to set out on the path to adventure. What was it? This could be an external event or a personal revelation. Explain the circumstances of this recent event.

A12) In a battle against a rival clan in 498, Donnchadh’s wife Seònaidh and brother Donaidh were killed by the enemy. Donnchadh then led his force against the one that had killed Seònaidh and Donaidh. Donnchadh eventually destroyed that entire group, but was one of only 5 to survive. Meanwhile, going after that other force left the main part of Donnchadh’s army exposed, and the Great Clan Donnchadh served was defeated. To appease the Great Clan, Donnchadh’s uncle Dùghlas publically banished him, allowing him to leave with only the clothes on his back until his deeds outshone his dereliction of duty. Privately, Dùghlas gave Donnchadh a dagger before he left.

13.) Ambition: What is your character’s long-term life goal right now? This should be both specific and personal (i.e. “make money” is a bad goal. “Make enough money to hire mercenaries to take back my ancestral lands” is a good goal.)

A13) Donnchadh wants to earn enough glory and money to found a Great Clan. To be known only as Donnchadh [insert title], and to have all offspring be known as MacDonnchadh.

14.) Conflict: Your character has a still-living rival, friendly or otherwise, back home or wherever your character lived last. Who were they, and what was the nature of the conflict between them? How does your character feel about them right now?

A14) Donnchadh defeated a Saxa warrior named Svienn Snorrasson, Donnchadh refused to kill Svienn, and taunted him about his defeat. Donnchadh received his halbred from Svienn, and left Svienn his dagger. Svienn had been a mercenary that Donnchadh fought for the right to be hired as a caravan guard. Donnchadh doesn’t think about Svienn much, other than to idly hope Svienn gets stronger and becomes an opponent worth killing.

15.) Other Connections: Who are your friends and enemies? Who do you love or hate? What are your prized possessions? Be sure to include 2 still-living NPCs that your character cares about.

A15) Donnchadh’s friends are mainly those from home. He does, however, feel an odd friendship between himself and a Frostborn named Boreal Icewind, due to Boreal giving Donnchadh a suit of hide armor, and the subsequent saving of Boreal from frenzied townspeople. Donnchadh hates the caravan leaders, Savvas and Nerine Diasakos, who managed to cheat Donnchadh and steal a great deal of his possessions, leaving him with only his clothing, his weapons, and small sum of money.

16.) Is your Hero in love? Are they married or betrothed?

A16) His wife died a little over a year ago. He has not since found love.

17.) Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?

A17) 1st to his clan, 2nd to his friends, 3rd to his employers, 4th to himself

18.) If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?

A18) You need to Stop. Think. Choose. Act. Don’t just Act. And keep your mouth shut more often.

Donnchadh The Reckless MacFergal

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