Personal Cook & Seamstress of Count Froech the Learned


Patron God: Freo
(At home, her Patron had been Eostre, and she still pays homage, but since going off on her own, she’s begun to think of herself as a traveler, and of the other travelers who might need assistance. In her independence, Freo has become her Patron.)


Elowen is a normal girl, from what used to be a normal, simple, friendly village… until the cold hit too hard and the crops failed. The firebrand priest who returned periodically finally got them to blame Her, the frostborn. Mage-Lady Orphelia and her companions arrived to find her tied to a stake and surrounded by torch-wielding neighbors and childhood friends. If they hadn’t talked the mob down, she’s well aware she would have been dead.

Well aware that the priest would never put the issue to rest, her Arcane Highness, Mage-Lady Orphelia of the Third Sphere, Scion of House Grimsbourne offered to take her into her entourage.

There, she was thankful, well cared for, and begun to make friends – specifically her dearest friend, the Mage-Lady’s servant, Helene Ransome. There, she also came to realize the dangers her Lady faced everyday and wondered what good her household skills would really be. Still, she did her best to contribute to what became her community. The Mage-Lady was quoted as calling her culinary skills “worthy of the Mage-Kings”, but she used her other talents to help the group in other ways. She began making hidden pockets in clothing for weapons and contraband, designing passable costumes and uniforms where needed, and, of course, making elegant gowns that were more than they appeared.

However, when the Mage-Lady and her party were teleported abruptly to distant Crase, both she and Helene were left for some time to care for to care for Count Froech the Learned. At the time, the Count’s mind had been broken from the loss of his Great Library, but upon her Arcane Highness’s return he was well, having bonded with the pleasant Frostborn. Fond of him, and recognizing her value to his well-being, the Mage-Lady agreed when he asked to purchase her.

Elowen has worked happily for the Count since. He cares well for her and she wants for nothing… except maybe adventure, and companionship.

She knows he is planning an expedition soon, though – one that the Mage-Lady wanted to be present for.

Elowen is:
- A bit shy, but positive.
- Creative.
- Wants to fit in.


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