Emerich Vanea


Her Arcane Highness went to find a perfect vessel for Talan to return to. She chose a gothic blonde, looking so unlike her former lover, and yet the most attractive of the lot. He seemed to take no pride in this, but kept his head down. From the moment they talked, he seemed every bit the scoundrel she’d asked for, but more considerate, more thoughtful. Behind his eyes was someone who had an intellect and depth, but hadn’t the opportunity to explore it.

Within moments, they shared her bed, and it seemed not an agreement of ownership as two magnets that could not be held apart any longer.

His passion waned quickly when he discovered her involvement with Hela, and, though she’s made him a free man, he’s remained at her side. He’s taken a step back from her advances, at the same time planning a future.

It seems that he wants use his words carefully, though he has opened up the more she listens to his advice and humbles herself in sincerity. He spends a good time deep in thought, and she spends a good time watching him, wondering what’s on his mind. Whether he notices is another thing.

Emerich Vanea

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