Gorog Grimscar

Orc Zealot


Gorog was just another member of the Eyepiercers, an orcish tribe renown for their prowess with the bow. The tribe had recently been converted to the worship of Vali by a Plaguebearer, a Shape-leaper named Gautrek.

Gorog was on a mission with one of his fellow orcs to poison the food stores of the village of Dalsetter when Sigridand Ripxianinterrupted them in their work. Sigrid and Gorog fought an epic battle in single combat that ended abruptly when Sigrid sprang at Gorog and brought her axe down in a single devastating blow, cleaving his skull and leaving him for dead.

Somehow, however, Gorog survived. He awoke in a puddle of dark orcish blood thickened with flour, and stumbled somehow into the nearby hills to nurse his wounds. When he eventually returned to his tribe’s current home in an abandoned temple of Ertha, he found Gautrek dead by the hands of those same adventurers. He took this as a sign, and in a fit of rage, slew several of his tribesmen. When they subdued him, he berated them: they had been punished by Dargar, forsaken for turning their back on the Bloody Handed God and instead worshiping a rat.

He recounted his story and insisted the fact he survived was a sign from Dargar: the orcs of the Eyepiercer Tribe must embrace the Lord of Slaughter once more. The chieftain drew a sword to slay him, but the tribe’s shaman intervened. They would be foolish not to heed the sign, the shaman indicating the wound Gorog bore on his face: Sigrid’s axe had cleft the orc’s face in the same pattern as that on the symbol of Dargar.

Gorog announced he would be known now as Grimscar, a living symbol of the bloody destiny before his tribe. He would be the prophet of Dargar and the Eye Piercers would be the first tribe of many to understand what he saw clearly now. Just as the orcs of Orcmark had succeeded in carving out a kingdom, so would the orcs of the Jagged Peaks claim these lands for themselves, and continue onward to slaughter human after human, elf after elf.

Grimscar has sworn that they will go forth in Dargar’s name and murder the world.

Gorog Grimscar

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