Helene Ransome

Her Arcane Highness' Lady in Waiting


Desire that drives her: The need to be protected
Dual Nature: Optimistic/Cheery vs. Haunted/Terrorized
Emotional need from Mage-Lady Orphelia: Helene is known for positivity, but it cut her to the heart when she made the man she’d asked for protection from her closest confidante. She wants to know why; she needs an apology.
Why she can’t/won’t fill that need: Helene loves her mistress, and feels that, as a proper servant, it isn’t her place to question, but she needs to terribly.

Race: Anari
Patron God: Sigel
Magocracy Honor Noble

Agility d6
Strength d6 - Pace 6
Smarts d6 - Parry 5
Spirit d6 - Toughness 5
Vigor d6

Languages: Saxa, Anari, Trader

Fighting d4 - Knowledge: Servant d6
Notice d6 - Stealth d4

Hindrance: Loyal

Dagger Str+d4


Helene belongs to a respectable family, who, for centuries, had been born and bred to be in the service of Nobility. It was with just that purpose that she was on a caravan traveling to the Northern lands; she was destined to be the servant of a Noble Lady there. However, her caravan was hijacked along the road by a band of thieves en route for Crase. For fear of survival, she relied on her moderate looks and feminine wiles to convince the thief leader to take her with them. He took advantage, and she was relieved for all of their near-misses on the journey. She was relieved also when she heard that her previous destination had been overtaken by Orc raiders; unwittingly, the thieves had saved her life. Crase, however, was far from being a safe haven, and the deal with Talan Marfell became practically useless with the Hellfrost incursion. (Of course, to quote Talan, “She offered, I accepted, and as a result, her life was saved on numerous occasions. I fail to see the harm in that.”) Between the lines, her agreement meant he could abuse her in any despicable way he wished, and she did not come out unscathed – as much as she tries to seem so. She found a way out of her “protection” deal when a Noble Mage came to town both worthy of her service and powerful enough to keep the bandit at bay. Of course, she didn’t expect the Mage-Lady to take him on as well – as her closest advisor.

RP Notes:

- Is an optimist
- Wears bright colors
- Is a gossip
- Sometimes, alone, or stressed, she has panic or crying attacks

Helene Ransome

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