Mage-Lady Orphelia of the Fifth Sphere, Scion of House Grimsbourne

Anari Noble Heahwisard


Switched to High Valor

The Character Sheet of Her Arcane Highness Mage-Lady Orphelia of the Fifth Sphere, Scion of House Grimsbourne

Theme Song: Therion “Sitra Ahra”

Desire that drives her: Humility and guilt
Dual Nature: Her noble background vs. her attempts to prove nobles are just like proles.

Race: Anari
Languages: Anari, Classical Anari, Saxa, Black Tongue, Trader
Religion: None

Romance: None, though she is lives to her former slave, Emerich, happy, and prays for his forgiveness, if not love.
Contact: Lorekeepers Contact: Hearth Knights Followers: Sidee Kick*: Snowblade, who is away with Content Not Found: Maglus-Penbroke on a mission to find a lost Mage-Prince Staff in the sultry deserts of the South.

Enemy:[[:Oswald of Bridgewater | Oswald of Bridgewater]]
Enemy: Jarl Rimewulf the Grim
Frienemy: Vectimarus the World-Breaker


Impressive Wardrobe
Frost Giant Mirror

Current Goal To show Emerich his true potential, and her true self.



The 10 Questions: (Previous to Game Start)

1.) Basic Information: What is your character’s name, race, and age?

I am called Mage-Lady Orphelia of the First Sphere, Scion of House Grimsbourne and that is how one shall refer to me. However, IF one must, Her Arcane Highness shall suffice. I am curious where one must hail from to wonder as to my racial heritage. Heahwisards are renown throughout the world, and with no frivolous cause. And age? You would ask my age? I will have you know Heahwisards are judged on aptitude, not age, and therefore age is of no concern to me. But… very well, I will tell simply you this: my power does exceed my years. Given that, have you further questions?

2.) Appearance: What does your character look like?

It is rare that one looks upon my noble countenance. I remain covered unless entirely necessary. However, I only adorn myself in the finest Sable cloaks and leathers money can buy; even my horse is well attired. Oh, I do suppose on rare occasion that I may be allowed to entertain within my social strata; then one might lay eyes upon me. Should one, they will find that the raven-haired, lily-fleshed, black-eyed, graceful and most comely Mage-Lady in the corner will likely be I.

3.) Profession: What is your character’s defining skill or ability? Who was the mentor that taught them that skill? Are they alive or dead? How does your character feel about them now?

Must you truly ask? After all, it would seem self-evident. And… ’tis a difficult question to answer. Firstly, concerning my tutor: My parents hired the best, as one might expect, to train me – one Mage-Lord Ambrose of the Fourth Sphere. Oh, I despised him at first, but as time progressed I found him more… tolerable. More than tolerable, rather. I do believe I… loved him. Yes, yes. I adored him with all of my heart, and he, I. I am not saying it was not a difficult romance, certainly, and a secret one, but it is assuredly not as if my family had the opportunity to know of it much less accept it. …since he took him, since he took them all.

4.) Family: Who are their parents and siblings (names, professions) and are they alive or dead? If alive, where do they live and what do they think of your current path in life? How does your character feel about them? What are they like?

Are there are no end to the painful questions with you? Very well. It has been some time since I have spoken of it – of any of it. The Mage-Duke Alizandre of the Third Sphere and Mage Duchess Jacotte of the Second Sphere are gone, as well as my sisters, my brothers, my court, and my servants. They adored me, and I… adored them. I hope it pleases you, this knowledge. They are all gone.

5.) Religion: Does your character have a Patron god? Which one is it? Why does your character revere that god? How devout is your character?

From where do you come, Orcmark? Maera is the Patron Goddess of the Magocracy. She is our only God. She is certainly MY God.

6.) Home: Where is your character from? Where have they been spending their time before becoming an adventurer?

An adventurer. Is that what I’ve been relegated to? Oh, I do suppose. Before I was thrust from my palace I studied, and I danced, and I concerned myself with naught but magic, love, and the welfare of my people. I took much for granted.

…I do hope my village fares well in my absence.

7.) The Call to Adventure: Something happened recently to your character to make them want to set out on the path to adventure. What was it? This could be an external event or a personal revelation.

Now you ask. After speaking of my family and my love you wonder why I am here – a solitary mage so far from home. Very well. I can assure you that I am on this filthy creature-ridden road, cold and starving, for one thing alone: the only thing that matters – vengeance. Does that frighten you? Personally, it is of no concern to me. You see, Mage-Prince Bremen of the Second Sphere took everything from me – everything I ever loved. His depravity knows no bounds – so had proven the night he had everyone in my house brought to him tortured and killed in all the sick, fantastic ways he could imagine, for sport! Not just the Mage-Duke and Mage-Duchess, but also my brothers and sisters, my Ambrose… but the servants and pets as well. He took everyone; he took everything. Only by the grace of Maera did I miss his herding. …And now I suffer with only the proper face a Mage-Lady can wear.

8.) Personal Goal: What is your character’s goal in life right now? This should be both specific and personal.

You were not frightened enough? Very well, then allow me to enlighten you to the depths of my plight: I shall find every book of dark magic lost to time. I shall find every Mage-Prince’s staff hidden in the secret places. I shall make deals with whatever forces will hear me. By all the gods, I will become a thing of power heretofore unseen in these lands, and I will return to Mage-Prince Bremen to exact my revenge… and there, and only there, I will die. Because you see, I have naught to lose.

9.) Conflict: Your character had a rival, friendly or otherwise, back home or wherever your character lived last. Who were they, and what was the nature of the conflict between them? How does your character feel about them right now?

Mage-Banneret Sawin of the Second Sphere, Scion of House Fensome, and I had a rivalry… of sorts. Of course, I do believe it all came down to his persistent, and unsuccessful, inquiries after my hand. He enjoyed lording his power over me a great deal, and at parties he was rather possessive. He won my Father’s respect and often had approval to court me. I did upset him with my constant, creative attempts to dodge his intentions.

10.) Connections: Who are your friends and enemies? Who do you love or hate? What are your prized possessions?

You know who my enemies are; I have only just spoken of them. And as I only just stated, all of my friends are dead. I do not wish to continue with it further. Prized possessions, however… those are in precious supply. Of course, everything of monetary value is prized now that money is limited. How terribly sad is that proposition? I do value my village, the hidden land of Courthaven; I hope it remains hidden and continues to prosper in my absence. I must find a way to communicate with my administrators. I have my staff, which, of course, I am never without, for it is my magical focus. But, I have nothing from my palace. I would have taken jewelry, a memento. Something. All I have from that life is the money I had on me… an exquisite gem bracelet my Ambrose gave me just before he… Anyway, I have yet to remove it. I do not believe I shall.

in the works) Explain what your Hero feels is greatest feature(s) of their homeland/nation. What do they miss the most? What do they think of often? Or what, in general, makes them most proud?

in the works) Explain what your character feels is the weakest feature of their homeland?

in the works) Describe how your character sees their own race and culture, and how they perceive the other cultures in the game world:

Finnar: I have not had any experience with the Finnar. From what I’ve heard, they do sound most uncivilized traveling about, sleeping on the land and so on. It can hardly be hygienic.

Saxa: Saxa. What more can be said than that their nobility sleep in the same building with their livestock and sleep surrounded by their commoners. I have said it before, and I shall continue. It is not the question as to whether or not barbarians, it is only a question of degree.

Toumi: I have heard that they live to fight and naught much more: brutes of the lowest order.

Engro: I’ve never met one, but I have heard plenty of stories. These little ones will rob one blind if given half a chance. Either they’ll con your money from you, they’ll pick your pockets, or they’ll cut your purse. Anyone who has not met one is better off.

Frost Dwarf:
Hearth Elf:
Taiga Elf:

to be moved) Describe your character’s fighting style: Fighting style? How quaint. As if I am some sword-wielding commoner. You are well-aware I am a Heighwisard of the Mageocracy; I hold the most powerful magics known to man. No one may see what I am even doing as my spells build to their crescendo, but I can lock an entire field of men in their nightmares, steal their lives to heal myself, make them my personal puppet, or send my dark worms to destroy an entire town. This is why we, the Mages, know we are the pinnacle of mankind.

Mage-Lady Orphelia of the Fifth Sphere, Scion of House Grimsbourne

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