Mage-Banneret Sawain Fensome

Mage-Lady Orphelia's Former Suitor. Current Betrothed




Mage-Banneret Sawain is a bit militant. He believes that the Magocracy should expand through force and intends to make it so. For now, however, he rides around with his troops hunting down bandits and rebellious peasants, keeping the Magocracy safe and beautiful. He seems a dashing fellow to all who know him, and therefore is popular in court. An up-and-coming figure, Mage-Lady Orphelia’s Father found him a good match as he has a good prospect of promotions.

Unfortunately, she found his boorish tales of his “victories” in running down peasants like dogs, and amusing anecdotes of the humorous ways some of them died, repetitive and boring and often prayed to avoid the next ball. He found her lack of interest at first confusing, and then upsetting. He was the greatest catch, after all; the more glorious and adventurous he became, the more women waited at his call, but the one that he wanted frustrated him with her avoidance. As she danced with Mage-Lord Ambrose, his broken heart became an angry one. He wanted her world to burn, so he turned to his good friend, Mage-Prince Bremen.

Fifeen years passed since she had been exiled, but he still dremt that she would return. Eventually, he unwillingly married and his hatred grew every day. …the day he ran straight
into a dazzling ravien-haired Mage-Lady, he promised to make her pay. However, Orphelia kissed him. She swore she was wrong and threw herself on his forgiveness.

His heart knew it was true, and after attending Court, and swearing allegiance to Mage-Prince Bremen, they were sworn to be married … as soon as “some accident” befell his wife".

His love became an obsession. He had eyes on her everywhere, so leaving was hard, and even now he has followed her and who he believes to be her low-born lover all the way to Asperia – though he always seems a mere step behind the two.

Mage-Banneret Sawain Fensome

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