Her Arcane Highness' Former Knight Captain


Desire that drives her: Need to never be hurt/dominated by anyone again.
Dual Nature: Wants to care vs. Walls emotions

Patron God: Tiw
Magocracy Honor Noble

In the Barony of Galmore, recently acquired by the Magocracy, everyone has struggled with the new, harsh rule. Peasants are treated like property – like animals and nothing more, and some have taken to small acts of rebellion.

Roux, and her family, suffered all sorts of abuses and atrocities at the hands of her Mage-Lord since their arrival when she was just seven. No one dared act, but as time passed, she began a dedicated training regimen in secret so he could not hurt them anymore. She managed to keep her secret until her mother spilled tea on him, and he set to holding her face over the fire.

It was then that she tripped him, kicked him, knelt, and choked the air from him.

While he remained tied, her family escaped and she left Galmore, never to return. She was pained to learn since of the execution of her family and the price on her head. She spent the years putting her martial skills to use as a no-nonsense mercenary, and earned a reputation for being a woman of few words.

In the Fall of her 26th year, she heard of the villainous actions of the debouched Mage-Prince Bremen on others of his kind. She understood how they reasoned their treatment of the commons, but murdering another family of Mages…

Over the year, she’d begun to hear tales all over the Hearthlands about a Heahwisard, the sole survivor of the family who had fallen, who had done many heroic things. This in itself was strange, a Heahwisard far from home, but in these tales were rumors of her companions – commoners that she spoke to like people. Roux was skeptical, but curious.

She began following the rumors, working along the way, until she met her Arcane Highness’ party along the path to Bridgewater. As usual, she said little and observed – torn between hatred and hope. When she witnessed the dark-clad Mage-Lady speaking, kindly, with her people, sharing food with them, and even showing concern for them, she knew that she had found not just hope, but the future for her people.

She swore by her Mage-Lady until she condemned her town to Hela.


RP Notes:

- Avoids topics of a personal nature (Backstory is secret)
- Blunt
- Standoffish, Private
- Daeg’s memory is with her


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