A Saxan axe with a wooden haft

weapon (melee)

To be awakened, the user must attune to the axe and successfully make a called shot to the head against an opponent.

Once awakened, the wielder recieves a +1 to Fighting when making a Called Shot to the Head.

Also, whenever the wielder makes a called shot to the head and scores a raise, they add +1d8 to the damage roll, instead of +1d6.

Finally, not even helms protect against Skullsplitter’s hunger: all Called Shots to the Head made with Skullsplitter are AP 1.

As a Legendary Relic, if Skullsplitter is held openly, it’s bearer receives a +1 to Intimidation and Persuasion tests, if those who he is addressing have heard of the weapon.


This axe belonged to Sigrid “The Butcher” Lahrsdohttir. In her hands, it earned it’s name for how often it cleft the skull of her enemies. Somehow the axe seems to have developed a taste for grey matter. In the hands of a skilled warrior, it can reave skulls with ease.

The axe looks like a typical Saxa bearded axe, inlaid with knotwork. The blade itself, however, is stained a reddish hue, said to be caused by it’s thirst for blood.

This axe is the weapon that has cleft the skull of Hrimgrar, Chieftan of the Thrym’s Teeth Clan, that did fell a mightly Ogre with a single blow, that cost Captain Einar Eriksson his eye, and that set Gorog Grimscar upon his current path.


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