Thrym's Heart

A legendary artifact, believed by some to exist in the Hearthlands


There is a legend that, at the height of the Hellfrost War, the god Thrym split his heart into fragments, sending them into the world. One of these shards is believed by some to exist in the Hearthlands.

The last great offensive of the Anari Empire drove the minions of Thrym northward before they could activate the shard, or so the story goes. If they had succeeded, the legends say, then the Hearthlands would have been laid to waste under a permanent coat of ice.

This legend was revealed to Stasia Frostfeather by the Frostborn Priest known only as Winter’s Breath.

The story is generally considered a tall-tale by most, but it is certain that Winter’s Breath believed it to be real, and insisted that it’s pursuit was the main reason for the hostile takeover of Crase.

Thrym's Heart

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