Mage-Lady Orphelia's Lady Curator



Currently on mission in the Southern deserts with Maglus Pembroke.

Wild Card, PC

Desire that drives her: Accumulation of wealth, for personal security
Dual Nature: Love of clan vs. Love of freedom

Race: Taiga
Languages: Taiga, Salari, Frostborn, Fey, Trader
Religion: Audun, God of Wealth

Romance: Happily married 75 years to Nightleaf, who she doesn’t discuss. The marriage contract is lapsing soon.
Contact: Mage-Lady Orphelia and Count Froech the Learned
Frienemy: Gamel ap-Awain

Hired to procure powerful relics and treasures for Mage-Lady Orphelia.

Heat Lethargy
Insular -2 Cha Except Elves


“Money can’t buy happiness. It is happiness.”
Jack Donaghy

RP Notes:
- Greedy
- “Garibaldi” trait: picks up on inconsistencies
- Doesn’t fit in/awkward (for the most-part) socially

1.) Basic Information: What is your character’s name, race, and age? What does your character look like?

Why? Are you looking for a treasure hunter? You won’t find one better, you know, but it will cost you. My name is Snowlade, and I find anything. I think my race is plain as the nose on my face, but my kind don’t get out much, so call me Taiga, and… I don’t see why my age matters. I may be young, but I will get the job done. …Fine. I will be 158 next month. Good? Alright. We can move on.

2.) Does your character have any recurring mannerisms, sayings, or catchphrases unique to them?

>All is reworked but this one.
Catchphrase: “If I spend it, I won’t have it”.

3.) Profession: What is your character’s defining skill or ability? Who was the mentor that taught them that skill? Are they alive or dead? How does your character feel about them now?

But… I just told you that. After my “epiphany” I left home for a while to figure things out on the outside. I met a wandering Reliquis, a Gamel ap-Swain, who introduced me to treasure hunting. Well, he wanted to hide the treasures away forever. Here’s where I need to make it clear that where I’m from, there is no such concept as “mine”. We share just about everything. So when I learned money makes things yours, and when he told me these pieces he was after were priceless and nations would go to war for them, the world suddenly made sense. The person with the most money had the most world. He and I have been at odds ever since. Later, we met at a site and both rushed to a relic. I left him at the bottom of a chasm as I made off with it; he should be glad I left him some rope…

4.) Family: Who are their parents and siblings (names, professions) and are they alive or dead? If alive, where do they live and what do they think of your current path in life? How does your character feel about them? What are they like?

My Father is Shadowmane. He was actually a pretty notable Bladedancer for the White King’s army for a century of so, so I didn’t see him much. He was sent to help the dwarves at Karad Marn about 30 years ago. He still doesn’t know I’ve left.

My Mother is Glitterfall. Personally, I think she’s grown really comfortable with being the wife of a prestigious war hero. I don’t think she does much. She’s a Druid, but I haven’t seen her do much. And, she really, really, hates my crazy ideas and that I left. She thinks I’ll tear down all of her precious prestige. Like it’ll all matter when her world collapses.

My siblings are:

Frostmoon. He’s Threehundredsomething and a Cleric of Ullr. He’s a relatively new cleric – something about a brief famine we went through a few decades back (I don’t know, I was off exploring). He decided to devote his life to Ullr and to feeding Rimeholm… so that’s what he does now. I guess that’s why he says he understands my “revelation”, but I heard that he also thinks it’s a phase. Yeah, unlike out-of-nowhere pledging your life to a god. He’s alright, I guess, just very, very, focused. Especially lately. It takes a lot to get his attention, but once you do, if you’re family, I’ve noticed, slush is thicker than water. As an aside, If he’s married, or had children, I’ve never known. Either he’s really private, or he’s that much of a loner.

Windweaver. She’s Twohundredsomething. I know her Hrimwisardry is a thing of awe. I’ve seen it. I know she’s dutiful, too. A real stick-in-the-mud. Devoted to the family. If Mother told her to do anything, she would. I think she arranged her marriage, too. Hel, she’s been married to the same man since she was 50. She has more children than I can count and I’m not really interested (except maybe in Silverleaf. My niece makes the most beautiful music you’ll ever hear, and she’s alright).

Windweaver “most certainly disapproves” in my “childish and immature behavior”. That coming from someone tied down to monotony and certain doom. Have fun with that.

Rimerunner. Yeah. Father’s going to have a surprise when he gets home… or more than one. This is what happens when you get amorous before you leave for war. But, you know, he’s just about 30, young and ambitious. He really wanted to come with me, and in a way I wanted him along, but it didn’t seem fair to Father. He’s got a youngest son; he shouldn’t be risking his life before he knows at least. I love him, though. Great sense of humor, adventurous. I’m pretty sure I’ll take him someday. It will be fun.

5.) How would your Hero’s parents describe him/her?

You did get the part where my Father doesn’t know… because how he knew me and how how he’d know me, I’m sure, are way different.

See, my Father would call me loyal, inventive, quick-witted, probably.

My mother, though, she knows where I am now and what I’ve done, so… she calls me irresponsible, reckless, selfish, thoughtless and accuses me of abandoning my family.

6.) What is your Hero’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

Back in Rimeholm I did investigative jobs, so it only worked to my advantage on the outside; now I’m the best at finding priceless trinkets. Of course, if you get in my way of my priceless trinket, and my payday, and don’t take this personal, but I will have to kill you. Have I answered your question? Do you want to hire me yet?

7.) Religion: Does your character have a Patron god? Which one is it? Why does your character revere that god? How devout is your character?

I still follow Freo, but when I got to Nara some fancy-dressed men said I was meant for Var. I went to his temple, but when I walked in, I saw this amazing pile of gold by a small shrine and Audun has been my Patron since.

8.) Home: Where is your character from? Where have they been spending their time before becoming an adventurer?

Let me repeat this again for you, slowly. I’m from Rimeholm. I was an investigator. I helped people find lost objects, people – mostly boring things, but I was good at it. I traveled all across Rimeholm for work, and that was fortunate, because it kept me from getting bored. I never could sit still too long. When I wasn’t traveling, I spent time in the camp or in my husband’s workshop. He was a Boyer and Fletcher and loved attending, and winning, big competitions once a season with the fancy weapons he bragged about. Yeah, he had an ego the size of the forest, but he deserved it, and it was fun.

9.) What are your Hero’s most favorite things? Least favorite?

Well that’s changes, along with my outlook on life. My favorite thing is money, plain and simple. Oh. You mean what I like I can buy with money? Well if I spend it then I won’t have it, will I? Alright, alright. I’ll admit to having one hel of a sweet tooth. Don’t laugh. Stop that.

What I really hate, is having to rely on other people. My husband was laid up for a few months and I cared for him, but he was sour as an orc and I can’t say as I blamed him. He’d missed out on a tournament, and that’d never happened before. The crazy man tried to hobble out when I was getting food and I found him in a fevered puddle when I got back. I have to admit… that’d be me. I had an easier time relying on people then though. Now, it’s all me.

10.) What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?

Wait, are you going to hold it over me? Use it to haunt me later when I least expect it? deep breath I don’t know… I think I’d like to see some scields first.


My fear, I guess is that… even though I know I’m doing what I need to do, and I can’t change that, my path’s set. What I’m trying to say is… what if I can’t go back? The fact is, I know I’m going to try to give my people a way out, but what if it’s too late? I’ve seen the magic wall shrink and the White King’s magic fail in just the past few decades. But it’s not just that. I’m looking for help, but I know life’s too short to get stuck in the same rut. Still. sigh Want to know my worst fear? her eyes waver For all my needing to do this, I still know Nightleaf and I are… well, it’s not the end, you know? And I have this pit in my gut, this fear of something happening to him, before I come back. I want him to wait. I want him to be alive and charming as ever, but that’d be something to ask, wouldn’t it? If I don’t like anything, it’s that fear that one way or another, my absence and the end of the forest will take him.

11.) Does your Hero have any prejudices?

Oh, I don’t know. Outsiders are all outsiders to me; my people are prejudiced against everyone. I mean, my people trade without seeing an outsiders’ face and shoot anyone who comes in. We can’t do that anymore. I want to know ALL of them – all the races and people of the world. I’m not saying I’ll like them all, but I figure those who give me work and pay me will get along with me just fine. And, well, if I develop a prejudice, it’ll be all their fault, right?

12.) The Call to Adventure: Something happened recently to your character to make them want to set out on the path to adventure. What was it? This could be an external event or a personal revelation. Explain the circumstances of this recent event.

How does a Taiga end up in a place like this? Some people call me crazy, but I say they’re in denial. I just paid attention. I investigate missing things, like I said, and every once-in-awhile I’d get sent to the borders of Rimeholm. The interesting thing about that is, while there, you could see the magic barrier keeping the place from freezing to oblivion. …it’s pretty. Anyway, the first time I was there I remember it clear as day landing well out into empty land, but when I returned 30 years later, well, it’d been taken in the entire forest, some farmland, and one barn. It was even threatening a small home (which is probably gone now). So you know, that’s a staggering about of land, especially for that short amount of time. she pauses

It was that moment I began to realize that my world was ending, and all anyone wanted to do was more of the same – boost the magical barrier. With magic failing, that’s just not a sustainable option. I understood wanting to protect the forest, but the way I see it, it’s already dead – just give it a century, maybe. The only option they weren’t exploring was something that could save everyone. All that was stopping them was, well, refusal to admit it was going to end, and their fear of the outside.

So, I decided to take off on a small trek outside the forest to learn more, and that’s when I discovered treasure hunting. I also realized that there’s a lot of land out here… enough somewhere even for us.

13.) Ambition: What is your character’s long-term life goal right now? This should be both specific and personal (i.e. “make money” is a bad goal. “Make enough money to hire mercenaries to take back my ancestral lands” is a good goal.)

Did you not just hear me? I was talking about planning to find a new land for the Taiga. Sure, they won’t leave now… not as long as the forest needs them, but… when the inevitable comes, I could have something set up. By then I might just understand the way things work out here and help them set up some trade and communication with their neighbors. Life’s too short to live in a bubble.

14.) Conflict: Your character has a still-living rival, friendly or otherwise, back home or wherever your character lived last. Who were they, and what was the nature of the conflict between them? How does your character feel about them right now?

I know you weren’t missing for this part. Remember… the Reliquis, Gamel ap-Swain? I left him at the bottom of a pit…? He taught me everything I know about treasure… ah… he called it something like “relic gathering”. If I ever had a rival – he’s it. I have to admit; I’ve enjoyed every minute.

15.) Other Connections: Who are your friends and enemies? Who do you love or hate? What are your prized possessions? Be sure to include 2 still-living NPCs that your character cares about.

I already told you about my little brother and the reliquis, and I’m not repeating myself. What I didn’t tell you is about best friend.

You see, not long after I left home, I found this young Frostborn at a ruin – beaten and unconscious. He had no idea how he’d gotten there and there were no settlements anywhere remotely near. I planed to just lead him to safety, but, well, it was always one town, then the next. He always had a knack for getting into trouble, or I suppose it always found him, but I found that after a while it wasn’t just him that needed me… You won’t tell him this, of course.

16.) Is your Hero in love? Are they married or betrothed?

You asked for it. There is Nightleaf. 73 years ago this archer I’d begun to notice around came up and gave me a job. He asked me to find one of his arrows. Okay, so I’m thinking the man was an idiot. If you shoot an arrow, you shouldn’t expect to see it again – especially if you shoot it in a forest with snow up to your nether bits. BUT, he was especially attractive so I wasn’t about to argue. I determined to find the thing. After some asking and tracking, I found it, and him, waiting, in a really remote location. That’s where I fell for him. After a few years of his similar lively pranks, we got married – first for a year, then ten, then ten more, and so on. And, yeah, I’m still mad about him, I suppose I always will be. He had the best sense of humor and his confidence knew no bounds. Then… I don’t know… I changed. If I had a guess I’d say he got shaken. I said I needed to go find myself and when I came back, he wasn’t quite the same either. He had a spark, you know. It wasn’t there. That hurt. Our current marriage is about to come due in just over a year. I’ve never let it lapse before… but this time I’m thinking about it.

17.) Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?

I was waiting for this question. You want to know if you can trust me, hm? Well. I’ll tell you what. You can trust this: my loyalties lie with 3 things – Money, Myself, and… my home.

It goes like this. I’ve learned scields make the outside world go around. The more you have, the more important of a person you are. The more you have, the more you can have. It’s the number one most important thing you can ever have is money. That’s it. The outside world is bigger than home. Home needs it to survive. See where I’m going? Next, I need to make sure I experience. I need to learn and know and do… everything. I’ve been isolated my whole life, and dedicated to my family, so I’m being loyal to me now. Finally, Okay, so I left the forest but it’s in here somewhere. I know it’s dying and there’s nothing I can do, but I can find my people a new home. Eostre knows nobody else will.

18.) If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?

(Alright, but she won’t listen. :D Don’t neglect home, don’t go overboard with the newfound freedom, and what good is money if you don’t spend it?)


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