Some non-clergy are so dedicated to their Patron God that they feel the desire to dedicate their lives to their god’s service. While not priests or clergy, those so dedicated must follow the tenants of faith of their god as strictly as is expected from the clergy.

In return for this devotion and dedication, each god bestows a gift on their followers. The gift is generally a small token of the deity’s appreciation, and gives a small boost to the follower’s abilities.

If the follower ever strays from the path and commits sins against the deity, however, the gift will be taken away for a period of time, as the god withdraws his support. A mortal sin completely strips the character of the deity’s gift and is God Cursed until they can earn absolution.

This is expected to be a life-long commitment. If one ever elects not to continue to be devoted to their god, then they lose the gift permanently, lose any Connections edges with that god’s clergy, and depending on the circumstances, may become God Cursed. In any case, no deity will every accept that hero as a dedicatee again; they’ve already proven themselves disloyal.


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