House Rules

Character Creation
  • Characters all start with 10xp in addition to the normal building points.
  • 1 point for showing up and playing
  • 0 points for missing a game: No Play, No Pay
    Bonus points:
  • 1 point MVP Award: Players secretly vote on who they thought was the most valuable player that session and turn in their ballots to the GM. Winner gets an extra point, GM chooses in case of a tie.
  • 1 Point GM’s choice Roleplay Award – the GM grants one bonus point to the best player who exhibited great roleplaying
  • 1 point Leave No Gamer Behind: The PC with lowest total xp gets a bonus point, but only if if s/he is at least 2 points below the next least experienced PC.
  • 1 point Correspondent Award: awarded for previous session’s journal entries or session summaries or similar
  • 1 point Milestone Award: awarded for attaining a major goal or resolving a major situation

Total of 1-6 points per session earnable

Adventure Deck
  • All players receive 1 Adventure Card per rank at the start of each session.
  • Players may play 1 Adventure Card each session for free.
  • Unused cards for the session are returned to the deck
  • Players may draw or play 1 additional card for each Benny spent
  • Cards may be traded (but not given away) to other players freely.
General Rules
  • Blocking spaces As long as you aren’t shaken, you can block the space on which you are standing. If you are shaken, enemies can pass through but your space count as difficult terrain.
  • Called Shots: Legs (-2): Works like Disarm but enemy makes an Agility roll (instead of Str). Failure means the character is falling prone.
  • Cover: If you would hit the target without the cover modifier, you hit the cover instead (if it’s living, roll damage as usual)
Beginner’s Luck
  • Characters cannot receive permanent injuries or suffer death until they have progressed beyond Novice Rank.
  • Any permanent injuries received are instead treated as temporary injuries for all Novice characters.
  • If an incapacitation result would lead to death, it instead leads to unconsciousness. Enemies will ignore unconscious Novice characters until all conscious ones are incapacitated as well. Enemies will opt to capture or otherwise inconvenience unconscious Novice characters rather than kill them outright.
Battle Scars
  • When rolling to Soak, if the Vigor die comes up as a 1, regardless of the Wild Die result, then the character receives a temporary injury. They may still soak the wound if the Wild Die rolls high enough.

h6. Glory Awards
* When taking the Followers glory award a second time, instead of receiving a follower, you may upgrade an existing follower to a Henchman. You may mix and match up to five new followers or five “upgrades” each time you take Followers from the second time on. (i.e. you may take 5 new followers, upgrade 5 new followers to henchmen OR mix and match, for example, taking 3 new followers and upgrading 2 to henchmen)

Dedication (from Hellfrost Expansion)
  • Characters may elect to dedicate their lives to their patron god
  • Dedicated characters must strictly follow their god’s tenants, to the same degree expected from Clergy
  • Characters receive a specific bonus, depending on their patron god, for their dedication
  • Committing a sin means a character loses access to this bonus, amongst other penalties, depending on severity
  • If a PC chooses to stop being dedicated to a god, they lose all benefits, and no god will ever accept them as a devotee again.
Blood and Guts
  • We will use the Blood and Guts Setting Rule from Savage Worlds Deluxe (Bennies may be spent on Damage Rolls).
AoE Effects
  • In addition to the Mapless AoE rules in Savage World Deluxe, AoEs will also effect friendly targets engaged in melee with the affected enemies unless the caster has the Selective Spell edge for that spell.
Savage Worlds Deluxe updates
These are the official updates from Triple Ace Games to bring Hellfrost in line with the Deluxe edition of Savage Worlds. All are now official:
  • The following Edges in Savage Worlds Deluxe are not available (where applicable, their Hellfrost Player’s Guide equivilents should be used instead): Elan, Brave, Linguist, Martial Artist, Tactician
  • Guts Skill is dropped. For the Courageous Edge, the guts requirement is changed to Spirit. For other edges with a guts requirement, the requirement is dropped.
  • Replacement characters rules in Hellfrost Player’s Guide are used rather than those in Savage Worlds Deluxe: replacement characters start with 50% of XP, modified by Glory as usual.
  • Push: Size is added as a fixed modifiers to Strength for all Push tests.
  • Cold: Recovery and Incapacitation notes from SWD apply. The Vigor modifier is as per Hellfrost Player’s Guide.
  • Trappings: Hellfrost Player’s Guide Trappings are used by default. SWD trappings may be used with GM Permission.

House Rules

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