The Heart of Winter

When the world lay in eternal spring
A cold greed did move the White King
For all the lives of men to reap
And shroud the world in Endless Sleep

He took Winter’s Heart in his hand
And struck it hard against the land
In thirteen shards did it fall
To bring about the end of all

Six adorned the White Crown
Four graced the Taiga-gown
Two hidden in Ertha’s crests
One upon the Hearth did rest

Stirring blood that runs cold
So gelid hearts did grow bold
Gathered strong in the North
Heeding the call they marched forth

Piece by piece they found His Heart
All but one to wake and start
Twelve parts pulse and beat as one
Which the Hearth alone has never done

Hidden beneath Thunder’s Sight
Held in arms of Endless Niht
Given clear in a Giant’s mind
A path revealed to seek and find

The blood of gods and gods alone
May keep it from the Giant’s Throne
For if only twelve can make it chill
Then with thirteen shall all be still

The Heart of Winter

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