All dates are I.R. (Ice Rise).

-611 Convocation of Elementalists is formed

-542 The Anari Empire is born. It dominates southern Rassilon for the next five centuries

-429 The Demongate Wars start. Mad Cultists create and open a series of portals leading to the Abyss using an artifact known as the Black Key

-400 The Demongate Wars end with the destruction of the last demonic outpost. Terrible suffering has been unleashed over the land for the previous 29 years. The Black Key is shattered, and its parts hidden.

-352 Hela’s Betrayal. Hela, keeper of the underworld, goes insane and unlocks the gates to the Abyss. Evil souls flee to the mortal realm where they inhabit corpses, creating the first true undead. Hela becomes the goddess of undeath, her role as guardian taken over by Scaetha.

-316 The undead armies of the Liche-Priest ravage what is now the northern, eastern and central low Winterlands. The Liche-Priest’s bony hand extends into the west, but expansion is halted by Aspiria and Chalsis.

-222 The Anari complete their conquest of the Saxa lands, dominating the Hearthlands as far east as the Thunor range and the brokentail mountains. Despite oppression, the Saxa culture in conquered lands is not stamped out, and it later rekindles.

-28 The Liche-Priest’s army is shattered. The vile fiend is entombed in his Temple-Tomb for eternity.

-25 The Blizzard War begins. An army of frigid beasts advances rapidly in the north, destroying everything in it’s path as temperatures plummet many degrees below freezing. Countless people are killed. The gods Kenaz and Sigel vanish just before the destruction occurs. When the destruction ends 25 years later, Rassilon is virtually depopulated.

-15 Contact is lost with Karad Khan, the greatest dwarf city

-10 The southern nations, divided and weakened, rally together and begin an offensive against the Hellfrost armies.

0 The Ice Rise. The defeated Hellfrost armies rapidly retreat back north. The Icewall rises overnight, creating the Hellfrost behind it. Winters immediately harden, snow and ice creep down from the north, blanketing the land.

1-100 IR: Plague, famine and constant warfare wrack Rassilon. Many more people die before order is slowly restored.

45 IR: The Magocracy is founded. The position of Mage-King is introduced in later decades.

50 IR: Drakeport introduces the Scield as it’s currency. Use of the coin spreads along mercantile routes until it’s the standard unit of currency today.

83 IR: Founding of the Hearth Knights

160 IR: Having driven the Anari out of their former lands, the Saxa found the Marklands

201 IR: Hellfrost Keep is completed. The only easily accessible land route to the winterlands is sealed off.

246 IR: Crystalflow Confederacy founded

274 IR: The Frozen Forest comes into existence, killing thousands of Taiga Elves.

319 IR: Orc invasion of Chalcis ends with the orcish defeat at the battle of Thunor’s Fury

341-345 IR: The Golem Uprising. Golems rise up against their masters in a bloody conflict. The Golem Ban Decree is signed by The Mage-King, The Convocation of Elementalists, and the Frost Dwarf Lords, making the creation of any form of golem punishable by death.

381 IR: Frost giant army defeated in the Battlelands. Raids are halted for many years as the golems recover their strength.

389 IR: Metallic beings known as the scavengers appear.

440 IR: The Sisters of Mercy are founded

441 IR: Karad Marn invaded by Orcs. The battle to liberate it continues to today

444 IR: Karad Nosjrek is lost

445 IR: Frost Giants begin raiding from Giant’s Throne

449 IR: The Road Wardens are founded

469 IR: The Mistlands are swathed in permanent fog

471 IR: The Siphoning. Mages begin to suffer a strange loss of power, which has grown more frequent as time passes.

475 IR: Founding of the Knights Hrafen

479 IR: Orcs pour from the Mace Mountains and conquer southern Vestmark. Much of it lies in Orcish hands today (called Orcmark).

492 IR: The Frostborn dominated Barony of Cul is founded, the first domain ruled by the new race.

497 IR: Orcs assault the city of Ostvik with a vast army of Siege Engines. The siege continues to the present day.

499 IR (Fall-Winter): Food shortages and plague break out in the Freelands, plunging the city of Aslov into Civil War. In the end, Einar Ericksson, captain of the Baroness’ Huscarls, is left in control of the city as the Baroness herself remains deathly ill and her daughter missing.

499-500 IR (Winter): Orcs of the Thrym’s Teeth Clan and a force of Ice Goblins take command of the city of Crase, and begin working on a tunnel through the Icebarrier mountains, presumably at the behest of Giant’s Throne. Their efforts are thwarted by a band of heroes and their Hearth Knight Allies

500 IR (Winter): Watchgap Fort falls to a Frost Giant army from Giant’s Throne. Hellfrost Keep makes plans to reclaim the outpost.

500 IR (Winter-Spring): The House of Lore in the city of Nara is destroyed by the Cult of Niht. Count Froesch the Learned is deposed by the city Council as ruler, but allowed to remain on as a figure head and advisor.

500 IR (Spring): Present Day


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